When clients first come to us, they typically want to know two things. They want to know if they have enough money to retire and if their money will last for the rest of their life.

When it comes to retirement planning, people have a good idea of when they would like to retire. They have a target age, they know that their pension is becoming a sizable amount and with their additional savings, they might be close to retiring. They’re just unsure of how their pension, investment savings, and government benefits will all work together.

What we do is help people bring clarity to how our client’s pensions, investments, and government benefits will work together to give our clients their desired retirement income. We help our clients decide: when the best time to start Canada Pension Plan benefits, when the best time to start withdrawing their RRSP and TFSAs, how much to withdraw each year, and what investment mix will generate the returns you need to maintain your retirement income.

The only way to get answers to your questions is to start a conversation. We offer free retirement plans using your information in our retirement software. You will end up with a 12 page report on exactly how your retirement accounts will be used in your retirement.